Wednesday June 16, 2010

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[05:18] sustrik aunc: hi
[05:19] guido_g long gone he is :)
[05:19] guido_g good morning, btw
[05:19] sustrik morning
[05:19] sustrik missed that
[05:20] guido_g easy, it's early
[05:20] sustrik you are in CET as well?
[05:21] guido_g yes
[05:22] guido_g just fell out of bed :)
[05:31] sustrik yes made my tea
[05:32] guido_g 2nd coffee here
[05:32] guido_g the news say the world is still crazy, so everthing is as usual
[05:35] sustrik :)
[07:32] guido_g re
[09:50] Efhache Hi everybody... I need some help about ZMQ... I've found a tutorial about instant messaging on the zmq website
[09:51] Efhache with referece to a "chat example" in the zmq package.... Where can I find it? I've seen into the coockbook a link to a chat example but the link is broked
[09:51] Efhache Some one have the source code?
[09:59] guido_g it might be the links need an update because the repos have been renamed
[10:00] guido_g have a look at the mailing list for the new repository names
[10:26] sustrik Efhache: Ok, the links are fixed now
[11:04] Efhache with a lot of delay.... thank you sustrik for your help :-)
[11:05] sustrik you are welcome!
[11:19] Efhache just one more question : this is code is in link with the "Intant Messaging (tutorial) " on the zmq website?
[11:19] Efhache I do not find a "chatroom" process in the code. Is it right?
[11:22] umesh I am using the xreq/xrep sockets ...
[11:23] umesh I have send the single req from client to server ... but i am getting two messages in the server ...
[11:23] umesh also I am not getting the response back in the client ...
[11:35] guido_g *sigh*
[11:35] guido_g first part of the message received is the id, second part the data
[11:35] guido_g you have to prepend the id to the result returned
[11:40] umesh ok ...
[11:41] umesh if I am sending multiple responses ... then all the responses should have id ...
[11:59] guido_g multiple responses to one are done with multiple message parts
[11:59] guido_g *to one request
[12:01] sustrik Efhache: the tutorial is outdated
[12:01] sustrik have a look at README file in the project
[12:08] umesh I do not want to use that ... one of the reason being it will only send data once on the wire ...
[12:09] umesh I have application line which sends status information on wire ...
[12:09] umesh e.g. I am installing applicatiob remotely and that send the status in % of application installed ...
[12:14] guido_g (x)req/(x)rep is built to supoort the one request and one response pattern
[12:14] guido_g if you want to have something different, use a different socket type
[12:18] umesh but sending the single response is not even working ...
[12:18] guido_g w/o the code we can only guess
[12:18] umesh Assertion failed: msg_->flags & ZMQ_MSG_MORE (xrep.cpp:146)
[12:19] umesh and if I provide SNDMORE flag in send ... it does not crash but does not recv anything ...
[12:19] guido_g umesh_: show the code
[12:19] sustrik umesh_: if you are sending responses via XREP socket
[12:19] guido_g and I mean the code that _actually_ has been run
[12:20] sustrik you have to prefix the response by the requester ID
[12:20] sustrik the same you've get with the request
[12:20] guido_g that's what i told him above
[12:21] sustrik the assert just checks that there are at least two parts to the message: ID and body
[12:21] sustrik xrep.cpp:146 i mean
[12:22] umesh
[12:22] umesh check here at pastebin
[12:22] umesh this is just the server part ...
[12:23] umesh i think I got a error ...
[12:23] umesh i need to send 2 responses ...
[12:23] umesh in first id and second actaul resposne
[12:24] umesh but what i did was i just sent one response in which id is prepended to response
[12:24] guido_g you need to send a 2 part message
[12:25] guido_g the first part (with the id) is sent with the ZMQ_MSG_MORE flag set
[12:25] guido_g the 2nd part is your response, w/o the flag set
[12:28] umesh its working now
[12:29] umesh is there no way to send multiple responses to the single request ... without multipart messages ...
[12:29] umesh ?
[12:29] guido_g no
[12:32] umesh ok