Sunday June 13, 2010

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[08:34] rgl hello
[08:35] rgl known any zeromq binding to nodejs?
[08:40] guido_g not out of my head
[08:40] sustrik what's nodejs?
[08:42] guido_g
[08:42] guido_g sort of http server in java-script
[08:43] sustrik a-ha
[08:43] guido_g toy of the month :)
[08:43] sustrik funny thing is that lot of people are basically doing http<->0mq bridges
[08:44] guido_g http is *the* thing
[08:44] sustrik :)
[08:44] guido_g even for things it's suitable for
[08:44] guido_g but what do i know, i'm only a technician
[08:44] sustrik no idea here either
[08:45] sustrik i'm a C person
[08:45] sustrik huh, what's http?- style
[09:32] Steffen FYI, I wrote a Perl binding for 0MQ2 yesterday.
[09:33] Steffen It's based on the C++ interface.
[09:33] Steffen Seems to be working fine. Adds 8us latency, according to my tests on a laptop.
[09:33] Steffen Some of the get/setsockopt calls are still untested/flaky.
[09:34] Steffen License is currently dual Artistic License/GPL just like Perl itself. No documentation (I wrote it in the afternoon). I'll be on a business trip for three weeks starting today, so no support either. I do intend to release it to CPAN and maintain it down the road.
[09:36] Steffen I'm reporting it here since I'm on the run and couldn't be bothered to subscribe to the mailing list just for that. Might do that when I get back. Feel free to contact me at
[09:37] Steffen PS: For non-Perl folks: Building it is as easy as "perl Makefile.PL && make && make test && sudo make install"
[09:38] Steffen Strange talking to myself ;)
[09:38] Steffen Have a nice week-end.
[14:57] mikko good morning
[14:58] mikko or more like afternoon now