Thursday June 10, 2010

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[04:43] sustrik travisbrady: ok
[04:43] sustrik can you get a backtrace from the bus error?
[04:54] travisbrady sustrik: I actually worked through the earlier issue, I'm now working on zmq_msg_data
[05:02] sustrik ok, so everthing works ok as for now?
[05:02] travisbrady well, now I'm getting "Assertion failed: !inpipe && !outpipe (pair.cpp:47)"
[05:03] travisbrady Looking at pair.cpp now
[05:03] sustrik travisbrady: pair is unfinished
[05:04] sustrik docs say:
[05:04] sustrik Note
[05:04] sustrik ZMQ_PAIR sockets are experimental, and are currently missing several features such as auto-reconnection.
[05:04] sustrik so rather try using different socket type
[05:05] travisbrady Hmm, I was using type 4
[05:05] sustrik REP?
[05:05] sustrik that one is OK
[05:07] travisbrady sustrik: Yeah, I'm basically trying to implement the simple client server app from in ocaml as a test
[05:08] sustrik sure, that should work
[05:08] sustrik just avoid PAIR sockets
[05:11] travisbrady Hmm, yeah I'm not touching them at all, I have no idea how I'm reaching that assertion in pair.cpp
[05:13] sustrik uninitialised socket type used (0 = pair)?
[05:15] travisbrady Ahh, yep, you're right. There was a problem in my wrap_zmq_socket function
[05:21] CIA-17 zeromq2: 03Martin Sustrik 07master * rd329c55 10/ src/tcp_connecter.cpp : issue 31 - Assertion failed: err == ECONNREFUSED || err == ETIMEDOUT (tcp_connecter.cpp:296) -
[05:21] CIA-17 zeromq2: 03Martin Sustrik 07master * r76e0153 10/ (4 files): issue 33 - missing virtual destructors -
[05:34] CIA-17 zeromq2: 03Piotr Trojanek 07master * r8782b4d 10/ : -lcrypto added to linking flags for QNX -
[10:37] CIA-17 zeromq2: 03Martin Sustrik 07master * r74a3907 10/ (src/encoder.hpp src/uuid.cpp): couple of ICC warnings fixed -
[10:56] alefka hi
[10:58] CIA-17 zeromq2: 03Piotr Trojanek 07master * rc818b14 10/ src/ctx.cpp : clearing thread info structure -
[10:58] alefka Has any possibility to point length of data to send?
[10:59] sustrik alefka: you don't know how much data you want to send?
[11:00] alefka know. I have large buffer (64 K), but I want to send for example the first 20 bytes... Can I do it without recreation of array?
[11:01] alefka just point to send function a length parameter for example or something else
[11:02] alefka In the regular zeromq lib I have no found the one
[11:02] sustrik zmq::message_t msg (20);
[11:02] sustrik memcpy ( (), buffer, 20);
[11:02] sustrik s.send (msg);
[11:07] alefka aha... I use Java
[11:08] alefka :)
[11:23] umesh I am getting error while compiling python bindings of zeromq
[11:24] umesh zmq/_zmq.c: In function âinit_zmqâ:
[11:24] umesh zmq/_zmq.c:9723: error: âZMQ_PAIRâ undeclared (first use in this function)
[11:24] umesh zmq/_zmq.c:9723: error: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once
[11:24] umesh zmq/_zmq.c:9723: error: for each function it appears in.)
[11:24] umesh these are the errors i get
[11:26] sustrik umesh: do you have latest pyzmq?
[11:26] umesh i version before latest ...
[11:26] umesh as i am using 2.0.6
[11:27] umesh 1 version before latest ...
[11:27] sustrik the latest version updates to 2.0.7 API:
[11:27] sustrik Updating to new 2.0.7 API changes.
[11:27] sustrik * Context only takes the number of io threads.
[11:27] sustrik * P2P -> PAIR.
[11:27] sustrik * No stopwatch.
[11:27] sustrik * No LWM socket option.
[11:29] umesh thats the reason i am not using latest ... because i am using zmq c version 2.0.6
[11:34] sustrik then use P2P
[11:34] sustrik it was renamed to PAIR in 2.0.7
[11:36] alefka sustrik: \I suppose java lib has no such oportunity... is it so?
[11:37] sustrik java lib works with java byte arrays
[11:37] alefka ok
[11:37] sustrik is it a problem to take first 20 characters from a byte array?
[11:37] sustrik arr [0..19]
[11:37] sustrik or something
[12:44] umesh can i ask some git questions here .
[12:44] umesh basically how to go to i version back for a specific file in git respository if you are at head
[15:33] CIA-17 rbzmq: 03Brian Buchanan 07master * r12c3a9f 10/ rbzmq.cpp : whitespace cleanup for consistent coding style -
[15:33] CIA-17 rbzmq: 03Brian Buchanan 07master * r1f7c517 10/ rbzmq.cpp : fix crash on access of socket that has been closed -
[16:16] sbeaulois hi
[16:19] sbeaulois I tried to bind pyzmq on rhel 5 but i got some error m=when finish binding
[16:20] sbeaulois i cannot import zmq module from comand
[16:21] guido_g paste the error message to a paste-bin
[16:21] guido_g w/o the messages we can't help
[16:21] sbeaulois cannot import name _zmq
[16:21] guido_g -> <sbeaulois> I tried to bind pyzmq on rhel 5 but i got some error m=when finish binding
[16:22] guido_g what shall this line say?
[16:22] sbeaulois my english is not good
[16:22] sbeaulois ok
[16:22] sbeaulois i will like bind pyzmq
[16:23] sbeaulois on RedHat Entriprise Linux 5
[16:24] guido_g what do you mean with "bind"?
[16:25] sbeaulois install
[16:25] guido_g ahhh
[16:25] sbeaulois i will compiled pyzmq
[16:25] guido_g ok
[16:25] guido_g any errors there?
[16:25] sbeaulois i compiled pyzmq fine
[16:26] guido_g ok
[16:26] guido_g how did you do that?
[16:26] sbeaulois but when i tried to import zmq from python command line i got somes errors
[16:26] sbeaulois cannot import name _zmq
[16:26] guido_g how did you compile and install pyzmq?
[16:27] versificateur look at here
[16:27] guido_g ok
[16:27] guido_g did you follow all the mentioned steps?
[16:28] sbeaulois verficateur => ok
[16:28] guido_g versificateur: ahhh, /me is silent then :)
[16:29] versificateur :) what means /me ?
[16:30] sbeaulois i'am going to trie it
[16:30] guido_g versificateur: myself, I, the one writing
[16:30] versificateur sustrik: are you here??
[16:30] guido_g versificateur: most clients expand that to your nick, when given as first word
[16:30] guido_g like:
[16:30] versificateur ah okay
[19:38] sustrik i am here
[19:38] sustrik but i have no experience with pyzmq
[19:38] sustrik brian should know
[19:39] sustrik try asking on the mailing list
[20:48] travlr Is kde-4.5 called kde-4.4.85, and if so Is kde-4.4.9999 the latest for kde-4.4 ???
[20:49] travlr sorry wrong channel :P