Wednesday June 9, 2010

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[06:41] jugg grrr. inproc requires the bind to occur before connect? :(
[06:42] sustrik jugg: yes
[06:42] sustrik fixing it is on todo list
[06:43] jugg ok... back to managing thread startup synchronization :(
[06:48] sustrik jugg: don't you rather want to fix it in 0mq? it would be probably less hassle.
[06:48] sustrik i can give you pointers as where to look
[06:49] jugg please do
[06:49] sustrik ok, wait a sec
[06:50] sustrik have a look here:
[06:50] sustrik
[06:50] sustrik it's a map of inproc endpoints created by binds
[06:51] sustrik when a socket connects to an inproc endpoint it checks this map and finds the socket that created it
[06:51] sustrik what's missing is a similar map of endpoint people wish to connect to, but which don't exist at the moment
[06:53] sustrik then have a look here:
[06:53] sustrik
[06:54] sustrik sorry
[06:54] sustrik here:
[06:54] sustrik
[06:54] sustrik register_endpoint is a function that's called when inproc bind is done
[06:54] sustrik aside of storing the name in the map
[06:54] sustrik it should check whether there are any sockets waiting to connect to the newly created endpoint
[06:55] sustrik and if so, connect them
[06:56] jugg ok, thanks. I'll look through it.
[06:56] sustrik the inproc connecting code is here:
[06:56] sustrik in overall, the whole thing has some 100-200 lines, so it should not be too complex to fix
[10:25] mikko ZMQ_SNDMORE is a flag to send rather than setsockopt, right?
[10:29] sustrik yes
[10:30] sustrik mikko: ZMQ_RCVMORE on the other hand is a socketopt
[10:30] sustrik it's kind of asymetric, but the API looks the least complex this way
[10:42] mikko rcvmore is uint64_t
[10:42] mikko ?
[10:44] mikko int64t
[10:46] sustrik int64_t
[15:49] CIA-17 zeromq2: 03Martin Sustrik 07master * r604f747 10/ src/poll.cpp : issue 32 - poll_t poller broken -
[23:43] travisbrady sustrik: they are in the same os thread yes