Sunday May 30, 2010

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[18:24] zedas sustrik: so i tried building my stuff on netbsd today. looks like the kevent call complete chokes after a few runs of zmq_poll
[18:24] sustrik hi
[18:24] sustrik what happens exactly?
[18:25] sustrik mato tried netbsd and said it looks ok some time ok
[18:25] sustrik ago
[18:25] zedas
[18:25] zedas so that's with the latest from your git repo
[18:26] sustrik hang up?
[18:26] zedas yeah it handles a few net calls then blocks permanently right htere
[18:26] sustrik what scenario?
[18:26] sustrik the same as with the memory leak?
[18:27] zedas yep just doing the mulletdb test suite
[18:27] zedas but also with just access it off a regular test client
[18:27] zedas oh did you figure out that memory leak on the socket connects?
[18:27] zedas i'm just avoiding connecting too many times :-)
[18:27] sustrik i've figured out the reason
[18:27] sustrik haven't fixed it yet
[18:27] sustrik will do today/tomorrow
[18:28] sustrik mato: hoo! do you still have the netbsd system available?
[18:29] zedas sustrik: yeah no rush, there's other problems with netbsd so i'm not going to use it on this project.
[18:29] zedas seems in their desperation to not use anything GPLed the just ended up making the whole OS very inconvenient for modern software
[18:29] sustrik still, we should try it before 2.0.7 release