Tuesday May 25, 2010

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[07:04] jugg has been a great resource, however are there any open source programs out there extensively using 0mq? I'd like to jump in on a functional code base and start playing around.
[07:05] jugg (preferably c/c++ code base)
[07:09] sustrik jugg: there are projects out there
[07:09] sustrik try asking on the mailing list
[07:09] sustrik some projects would definitely appreciate help
[08:58] CIA-17 zeromq2: 03Martin Sustrik 07master * rf34a468 10/ zmqd/zmqd.cpp : coding style fixed in zmqd -
[13:05] CIA-17 zeromq2: 03Martin Sustrik 07master * r8408ae0 10/ (9 files in 3 dirs): LWM is computed rather than explicitly specified by user -
[15:22] mikko sustrik_: again excessive bounces
[15:22] mikko re-enabled
[16:21] Skaag1 excuse me for the completely noobish question - but once zeromq is compiled, how do I start it?! :-)
[16:21] Skaag1 no mention of that in the INSTALL file
[16:21] Skaag1 and not in the Download page (which explains how to compile and install but not how to run it)
[16:26] cremes Skaag1: you don't actually start it; it's a library that you link in to your program (think libc)
[16:27] cremes take a look at the "perf" directory included with the distribution
[16:27] cremes there are a couple of small programs you can compile and run
[16:34] Skaag1 gotcha
[16:34] Skaag1 so in the case of php
[16:34] Skaag1 since php is a one-time-run thing
[16:34] Skaag1 how does it receive a message without waiting for it? :-)
[16:35] Skaag1 who is queueing?
[16:35] Skaag1 the sender?
[16:35] Skaag1 I guess zeromq means there is no queue..? :)
[16:35] Skaag1 it's either up and listening, or not
[16:48] Skaag1 am I right? :)
[17:05] cremes Skaag1: you need to create a socket and bind (or connect) it to another socket; then you can send/recv between them
[17:06] cremes by default the sockets are blocking, so your "receive" client will block on recv until a message comes in
[17:06] cremes i think there are php bindings available up on github; i suggest looking at those and any sample code that ships with them
[17:06] cremes a little code is the best way to demystify how 0mq works
[17:09] Skaag1 yes I know, I tested the php bindings
[20:39] sustrik mikko: is it ok now?
[20:51] cremes sustrik_: any chance you could give me a quick hand in building 0mq master? i run into a problem with configure:
[20:51] cremes this is on osx intel
[20:56] mato cremes: do you have pkg-config installed? that problem looks like you either don't have it or autoconf doesn't know about it
[20:57] cremes mato: i have version 0.23 installed
[20:57] cremes and it's in the path
[20:57] mato cremes: well it looks like your autoconf install doesn't know about it
[20:58] mato cremes: otherwise that PKG_CHECK_MODULES would have been expanded into the shell code
[20:58] cremes great...
[20:58] mato i can't really help you with how to fix pkg-config on macosx, sorry
[20:58] mato but i can offer a workarounfd
[20:58] mato cremes: try ./configure --without-pkgconfig
[20:59] mato which is intended for something else, but it might help you
[20:59] cremes no joy; same error
[20:59] mato as for the root cause, on my debian box, pkg-config installs a /usr/share/aclocal/pkg.m4 file
[20:59] cremes (btw, the pastie i put up tried it with that option)
[21:00] mato so you either don't have it, or it's somewhere where autoconf isn't looking for it
[21:00] cremes mine is located at /opt/local/share/aclocal/pkg.m4
[21:00] cremes let me see if there are upgrades available for autoconf, etc via macports
[21:01] cremes nope, all up to date
[21:01] mato what does aclocal --print-ac-dir say?
[21:01] cremes it says: /usr/bin/../share/aclocal
[21:01] mato there you go
[21:02] mato your aclocal is built wrong
[21:02] mato d'you have an /opt/bin/aclocal, or what aclocal is the default on your path?
[21:02] mato might be some apple acloal
[21:02] cremes yeah, the apple one is first; let me rearrange my path to find the other one first
[21:03] cremes er, aclocal is not in ports; is it part of a larger package?
[21:03] mato automake
[21:05] mato hmm
[21:05] mato alternatively try
[21:05] cremes i just installed automake from ports and it included aclocal
[21:05] mato ACLOCAL="aclocal --acdir=/opt/local/share/aclocal"
[21:06] mato export ACLOCAL
[21:06] mato and then run and configure
[21:06] mato the autoreconf, aclocal man pages are your friend
[21:07] cremes success!
[21:07] mato goodo
[21:07] cremes i have a login to the 0mq wiki; any chance i can update the FAQ to include this tidbit?
[21:07] mato now report a bug to whoever provided your copy of aclocal :-)
[21:08] cremes heh
[21:08] mato has someone else experienced the problem?
[21:08] cremes not that i am aware, but other osx users are likely to run into it if they try to build master
[21:08] mato update the faq if you like, but put in something about complaining to your aclocal vendor :-)
[21:09] mato please
[21:09] cremes ok