Sunday May 23, 2010

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[07:51] sustrik mikko: what about announcing the builds on the mailing list?
[11:18] mikko sustrik_: done
[16:03] postmodern wow awesome you have a irc channel
[16:03] postmodern so question, is it possible to have two different sockets share the same physical socket?
[16:04] postmodern such as having a REQ/RESP share the same connection with a PUB/SUB?
[16:26] cremes postmodern: 0mq may use more than one tcp socket per 0mq socket; it depends on how many times you bind/connect to addresses
[16:27] cremes i don't know if it shares tcp sockets to the same src/dst but i really doubt it
[16:30] postmodern ah ok
[16:30] postmodern im just making sure i would not have to bind to another port, just to do PUB/SUB
[16:34] postmodern also is it possible to have a server that is set to SUB mode
[16:34] postmodern and have clients that connect in that are in PUB mode
[16:52] postmodern bbl, getting some rest
[23:40] hassox hey guys
[23:40] hassox anyone got some good blog posts to help me get started with 0mq?