Sunday May 16, 2010

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[06:36] mesamino hi
[06:36] mesamino I'm having trouble getting UPSTREAM and DOWNSTREAM processes to communicate
[06:38] mesamino a thread with a downstream socket should connect to a socket that's upstream?
[06:38] mesamino while a thread with an upstream socket should bind the socket?
[06:39] guido_g yes, see for source
[06:40] mesamino zmq:context_t, should this be on heap? or is it okay to keep it on the stack?
[06:41] guido_g depends on your application
[06:49] mesamino that example...
[06:49] mesamino receive_replies.cpp binds inp_socket, connects to out_socket
[06:50] mesamino send_requests.cpp binds both
[06:52] mesamino why does it do that?
[06:52] mesamino does that not cause an error
[06:52] mesamino ?
[06:53] guido_g and component connects to both... now i'm puzzled
[06:53] guido_g no idea, i'm myself trying to lern the Ømq way
[06:58] mesamino I have a thread that creates an upstream socket, binds it and waits for a message
[06:58] mesamino another program has a thread that creates a downstream socket, connects to the upstream socket
[06:58] mesamino and then sends a message
[06:59] mesamino and the first thread never gets that message
[06:59] guido_g try th reverse the process
[06:59] guido_g *to
[07:00] mesamino connect to the socket before creating it?
[07:00] mesamino errr
[07:00] guido_g *sigh*
[07:00] mesamino binding it
[07:01] guido_g no, create donwstram socket, bind it
[07:01] guido_g create upstream and connect to downstream
[07:01] mesamino ah, ok
[07:01] guido_g i think this is the way it should work
[07:11] mesamino :(
[07:11] mesamino no luck
[07:12] guido_g sorry, w/o seeing the code it's hard to tell what's wrong
[07:12] mesamino yeah, the code's just messy, I'm working on getting a simpler version up
[07:35] mesamino hold on
[07:35] mesamino perhaps this is what's wrong
[07:36] mesamino I need one of those component intermediaries
[07:36] mesamino do receive_replies.cpp and send_requests.cpp interact through component.cpp?
[07:37] guido_g yes
[07:37] guido_g the flow is: send -> omponent -> [more components ->] receive
[11:09] pennysworth hello
[11:09] pennysworth can one bind a remote socket with zeromq, or should you only connect remotely?
[17:17] CIA-15 pyzmq: 03Brian Granger 07master * raf88bf5 10/ (11 files in 4 dirs): Updating examples to new APIs. -
[18:28] versificateur hello everyone
[18:42] CIA-15 pyzmq: 03Brian Granger 07master * r75f61fa 10/ (examples/kernel/ examples/kernel/ Updated kernel example to new APIs. -
[19:52] versificateur hello
[20:07] versificateur hello
[21:08] CIA-15 pyzmq: 03Brian Granger 07nocopy * rbe0d6c8 10/ (perf/ perf/ zmq/_zmq.c zmq/_zmq.pyx): New basic version of non-copying send using just strings. -