Saturday May 15, 2010

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[09:04] fishinz hey
[09:04] fishinz I'm a little confused about zmq::context_t
[09:04] fishinz what's that all about?
[09:05] fishinz (particularly, i/o threads)
[09:06] fishinz and affinity
[09:32] sustrik fishinz: there's a thread pool in the background
[09:33] sustrik to handle network I/O
[09:38] fishinz ah
[09:39] fishinz hey, ZMQ_UPSTREAM and ZMQ_DOWNSTREAM
[09:39] fishinz do sockets for those have to be in hte same thread?
[09:59] fishinz nvm, I had context set improperly
[10:00] sustrik each socket is owned by exactly one thread
[10:00] sustrik but any two sockets can be owned by any two threads
[10:00] sustrik no limitrations there
[10:00] sustrik limitations*
[10:03] fishinz yeah, I just had the context set to 1 app thread
[10:03] fishinz silly mistake
[10:07] sustrik ok
[10:38] CIA-15 zeromq2: 03Jon Dyte 07master * rf40ce4e 10/ ( zmqd/ zmqd/zmqd.cpp): single 0MQ daemon (zmqd) - initial version -