Tuesday May 11, 2010

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[06:36] sjampoo Hmmm i think i'm having a problem with issue-18 as well (segfault on PAIR sockets). I think it is caused by a problem on the receiving end where zmq_recv sometimes does not correctly initialize the data or the length
[06:38] sjampoo sometime the received message contains something completely irrelevant such as 'stdout...' other times it returns some trailing characters on the message data
[06:45] sustrik sjampoo: please, report the problem
[06:46] sustrik attach your test program to the issue
[06:46] sjampoo i will, gonna take some time
[06:46] sjampoo i just noticed it in my python test suite
[06:47] sjampoo will try to extract it to c code
[06:55] sustrik thx
[08:12] sjampoo i've added it
[08:12] sjampoo but i still have no idea how to properly add code to issue's with Github
[08:14] sustrik offset it be 4 characters to the right
[08:14] sustrik that seems to work
[08:14] sjampoo yups, thnks
[08:22] sustrik sjampoo: if you want to directly print out the message data
[08:22] sustrik the terminal zero should be part of the message
[08:25] sjampoo but it is, isn't it?
[08:27] sustrik doesn't look so
[08:27] sustrik msg_init (i)
[08:27] sustrik say i = 0
[08:27] sjampoo i see it
[08:27] sjampoo thnks
[08:27] sustrik np
[08:27] sjampoo hrm
[11:39] Olivier_c hi everybody
[11:39] sustrik hi
[13:24] sjampoo sutsrik, added something here: not sure if its helpfull tho.
[13:53] sustrik sjampoo: have a look at your data lifetimes
[13:53] sustrik you allocate data on stacl
[13:53] sustrik stack
[13:53] sustrik then pass it to 0MQ
[13:53] sustrik then stack gets overwritten
[13:53] sustrik then you receive the message
[14:09] sjampoo i really did that 10.000x times, but your remark made me do it once more
[14:10] sjampoo and yup, missed something
[14:10] sjampoo tests are OK now, thanks
[14:11] sjampoo i should stop trying to translate to C i only break things
[14:21] sustrik :)
[14:22] sustrik if everything is ok, please close the issue
[14:22] sustrik thanks!
[14:22] sjampoo it is not mine issue
[14:22] sjampoo but i removed my comment
[14:23] sustrik ah, sorry
[17:53] CIA-15 jzmq: 03Martin Sustrik 07master * r556eac8 10/ src/Socket.cpp : memleak in recv fixed -