Monday May 10, 2010

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[00:51] cremes sustrik: go ahead and link the ruby-ffi page; i have updated it
[05:33] sustrik cremes: liked from the frontpage
[05:33] sustrik linked*
[13:10] cremes i need a helping hand getting the local_lat/remote_lat sample C programs running
[13:10] cremes
[13:11] cremes it looks to me like everything is there; i'm a bit out of practice with diagnosing C compilation issues
[13:11] cremes btw, there were no errors during the make cycle
[13:13] sustrik perf tests are made with the library
[13:13] sustrik you don't need to build them by hand
[13:14] cremes i didn't build them by hand; i ran make && make install then cd perf and tried to execute them
[13:14] cremes i built & installed the library; now i want to run the C perf tests
[13:20] cremes when i run ldd on the binaries, it finds all libs except for
[13:20] cremes do i need to create an env variable for it to find that library?
[13:25] mato cremes: you need to run 'ldconfig' as root
[13:25] cremes adding /usr/local/lib to my /etc/ file and rebuilding the linker cache solved it
[13:25] xla did u ran ldconfig -v ?
[13:25] cremes yep, just figured it out
[13:26] cremes heh
[13:28] cremes wow, the ruby ffi bindings appear to only incur about 15 usec of overhead versus a straight C implementation
[13:28] cremes not too shabby
[13:34] cremes hmmm... it's actually better than that...
[13:54] cremes lots of jitter when doing timing tests with local_lat/remote_lat; ~5usec jitter between runs
[14:14] sustrik yup, the latency ditributions tend to have fat tails
[14:14] sustrik shrug
[14:17] cremes np
[14:49] mato sustrik: I've updated OpenPGM in Git; my limited testing seems to show that streams hang even when publishing way below ZMQ_RATE
[14:49] sustrik mato: hm
[14:49] mato sustrik: perhaps someone else will test it in anger and complain, I've kind of given up on the current state of affairs :-)
[14:50] sustrik yup, just post a note on the mailing list
[14:50] sustrik to make Steven aware of it
[14:50] mato I just did
[14:50] sustrik great
[14:51] sustrik ah, i've meant report the problem you've seen
[14:51] sustrik otherwise Steven will have no idea that there's still a problem there
[14:51] mato then I'd have to write some sort of test program :-)
[14:52] sustrik well, it's up to you
[14:52] mato since the only thing I'm using at the moment is the camera example...
[14:52] mato I'll see if I can hack something together that won't take longer than half an hour...
[15:22] mato sustrik: hmm, it seems to be sporadic, i can't reproduce it any more
[15:22] mato sustrik: maybe the switch just needed to warm up or something :-)
[15:22] mato sustrik: i'll leave it for now and see if anyone else reports problems
[15:23] sustrik mato: ack
[21:26] mike8901 Anyone know why would generate the exception "Error, no such device" ?
[21:26] mike8901 (on the bind)
[21:27] mike8901 exception: No such device, to be specific
[21:40] mikko try instead of localhost
[21:44] mike8901 same issue with