Saturday May 8, 2010

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[17:08] xla hej
[17:08] xla is there a resource for installing zeromq on ec2?
[17:10] mikko what is different on ec2 installation that others?
[17:10] mikko compared to others*
[17:11] xla nothing running a normal ubuntu 9.10, but can't find zeromq in universe
[17:12] mikko you probably have to build yourself
[17:13] xla anything I have to be aware of? or the normal build process: configure + make + make install?
[17:14] mikko you can either build debian packages yourself and install
[17:14] mikko or just normal configure + make + make install
[17:16] xla mikko: many thx
[17:20] xla hmm, think I missing something getting this error for zmq_forwarder:
[17:20] xla zmq_forwarder: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
[17:21] mikko run 'ldconfig' and retry
[17:21] xla nice, thx again :)
[17:21] mikko every time you install something by hand you need to update runtime linkers cache
[17:33] xla will keep that in mind for the next time