Saturday May 1, 2010

[Time] NameMessage
[05:59] sustrik bgranger: are you there?
[05:59] bgranger yes
[05:59] bgranger It looks like you fixed the multipart message stuff in XREP?
[05:59] sustrik the rcvmore problem
[05:59] sustrik it seems to work here
[05:59] bgranger But I am still seeing the problem
[06:00] bgranger Hmmm
[06:00] sustrik ok, let me send you my test prog
[06:00] sustrik try to run it
[06:00] bgranger Great
[06:00] sustrik sent
[06:02] bgranger What's the quickest way to compile?
[06:05] bgranger Got it and it runs just fine...
[06:06] sustrik hm
[06:06] sustrik what's your test?
[06:06] bgranger Let me look a bit more at this.
[06:06] bgranger Let me port your test to Python real quick
[06:06] sustrik ack