Thursday April 29, 2010

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[05:34] sustrik mike8901: no
[05:35] sustrik can you check out where's the other error_t included?
[05:35] sustrik defined*
[05:38] sustrik if it was a type, it wouldn't be a problem - 0MQ error_t is defined within namespace zmq - the define is worse
[05:39] sustrik bgranger: it's almost untested
[05:39] sustrik any problems with it?
[09:36] CIA-15 zeromq2: 03Steven McCoy 07master * r7cb076e 10/ (3 files): Defer NetBSD atomic ops to GCC builtins. Revert Sun atomic ops #define. -
[15:20] CIA-15 zeromq2: 03Martin Sustrik 07master * rc193fd1 10/ (18 files in 3 dirs): lock-free polling removed; ZMQ_POLL flag removed -
[15:31] CIA-15 zeromq2: 03Martin Sustrik 07master * r37128b7 10/ (10 files): fd_signaler_t renamed to signaler_t -
[15:46] bgranger sustrik: I am back, I might have found a bug with the new XREP/XREQ stuff, but I am not sure.
[15:46] sustrik hi
[15:46] sustrik what bug?
[15:46] bgranger But I want to make sure I understand what it should be doing
[15:46] bgranger The identity string should still be there, as the first part of a multipart message?
[15:47] sustrik in REQ/REP
[15:47] sustrik yes
[15:47] bgranger In XREP/XREQ
[15:47] sustrik well, it works in this way:
[15:47] sustrik each node identifies itself when the connection is created to its peer
[15:48] sustrik when REQ sends a request, the only prefix is empty message part
[15:48] bgranger Is this the same as the ZMQ_IDENTITY
[15:48] sustrik no, it's just a delimiter
[15:48] bgranger OK
[15:48] sustrik then on the XREP side XREP sockets adds new prefix
[15:49] sustrik the identity of the sender
[15:49] bgranger Right
[15:49] sustrik XREQ socket sends the message further with no change
[15:49] sustrik at the end of the chain there's a REP socket
[15:49] sustrik which extracts all the prefixes from the message
[15:49] sustrik until it finds an empty message part (the delimiter)
[15:50] sustrik the rest is passed to the user
[15:50] bgranger OK
[15:50] sustrik when user send a reply
[15:50] bgranger I am using a single XREP socket, so when I do a recv, I see the identity string
[15:50] sustrik REP socket attaches all the prefixes from the request to the reply and sends it further
[15:50] sustrik let me finish
[15:50] bgranger OK
[15:51] sustrik XREQ socket passes the reply further unchanged
[15:51] sustrik XREP socket strips the first prefix and uses it to forward the reply to the right connection
[15:51] sustrik finally REQ socket strips the delimiter and returns the reply to the user
[15:51] sustrik that's all
[15:51] bgranger This is in a configuration where an XREP forwards to an XREQ.
[15:52] sustrik right, standard shared queue thing
[15:52] sustrik now you have XREQ/XREP setting, right?
[15:53] bgranger Right
[15:53] sustrik so this is what is expected:
[15:53] bgranger I am not forwarding the XREP onto an XREQ
[15:53] sustrik you send a request to XREQ socket
[15:53] sustrik retrieve is from XREP socket
[15:54] sustrik it should be prefixed by XREQ's identity
[15:54] bgranger Yes
[15:54] sustrik however, you shouldn't see the identity on the wire
[15:54] bgranger Right
[15:54] sustrik (it's passed on connection initiation only)
[15:54] sustrik when you send a reply
[15:54] sustrik first prefix is used to route the message to the right XREQ socket
[15:55] sustrik if there's no such peer, the reply is dropped
[15:55] bgranger Right, we had that working fine before the multipart message stuff.
[15:55] sustrik once again, the prefix should not be visible on the wire
[15:55] sustrik also, you should receive the reply _w/o_ the prefix
[15:55] sustrik that's it
[15:55] bgranger Right
[15:56] bgranger Here is what we are seeing now:
[15:56] bgranger s = c.socket(zmq.XREP)
[15:56] bgranger s.bind('tcp://')
[15:56] bgranger s.recv()
[15:56] bgranger '\x00\xba\xd2T\x96\xd6\x8eL\xab\x84\x19\xa9\xa5\xe6\x1f\x95\xeb'
[15:56] bgranger s.rcvmore()
[15:56] bgranger False
[15:57] bgranger s.recv()
[15:57] bgranger 'themessage'
[15:57] bgranger Is this correct? I was expecting rcvmore() to return True (more is coming).
[15:57] sustrik yeah
[15:57] sustrik looks like a bug
[15:58] bgranger So, the identity should show up as the first part of a multipart message in this type of situation?
[15:58] sustrik yes
[15:58] sustrik and it's there AFAIU
[15:58] sustrik (auto-generated UUID)
[15:59] sustrik have you set identity manually on the XREQ socket?
[15:59] bgranger No, not in this case
[15:59] bgranger Should I
[15:59] sustrik then it's ok
[15:59] sustrik the False is bug though
[15:59] sustrik i'll have a look at it shortly...
[15:59] bgranger How is the auto-generated UUID related to the ZMQ_IDENTITY if it is set?
[16:00] sustrik UUID is generated only if there's no identity
[16:00] bgranger OK, so I should see the ZMQ_IDENTITY there if it has been set
[16:00] sustrik right
[16:00] bgranger Also, what do you think of the socket.rcvmore() API?
[16:00] bgranger I also wrapped getsockopt as well.
[16:01] sustrik it's shorthand for getsockopt (ZMQ_MORE) ?
[16:01] bgranger Yes
[16:01] sustrik yes, seems reasonable
[16:01] bgranger Isn't it ZMQ_RCVMORE though?
[16:01] sustrik :)
[16:01] sustrik lemme see
[16:01] bgranger Cool, thanks!
[16:02] sustrik right RCVMORE :)
[16:02] bgranger The multipart stuff is fantastic though - will *really* help us
[16:03] bgranger I will write a test suite for the multipart stuff to help test it all
[16:03] CIA-15 zeromq2: 03Martin Sustrik 07master * r1ffc6dd 10/ ( src/signaler.cpp src/signaler.hpp): eventfd-style signaling removed -
[16:09] sustrik bgranger: great, test suite will be of much help
[17:44] sustrik bgranger: i don't seem to have an option to close the issue
[17:45] sustrik presumably only the original create of the issue can close it
[17:45] bgranger Which issue?
[17:45] bgranger I just close the one about ZMQ_IDENTITY a second ago
[17:45] sustrik ah, good
[17:45] sustrik thanks
[17:46] bgranger sustrik: so is ZMQ_POLL gone for good?
[17:47] sustrik yes
[17:47] sustrik well, it's still there to retain backward compatibility
[17:47] sustrik but it does nothing
[17:48] sustrik zmq_poll can be used by default now
[17:48] CIA-15 pyzmq: 03Brian E. Granger 07master * r4bf8945 10/ (zmq/_zmq.c zmq/_zmq.pyx): Fixing but in Python bindings to getsockopt with IDENTITY. -
[17:48] bgranger Nice, wasn't there a small performance issue before?
[17:49] sustrik it's still there
[17:49] sustrik the impact is ~2us on the latency side
[17:49] sustrik on Linux
[17:50] sustrik but the advantages seem worth of it
[17:50] sustrik 1. no annoying ZMQ_POLL flag
[17:50] sustrik 2. any number of threads can be used! even >64
[17:51] sustrik 3. significant codebase simplification
[17:59] bgranger Seems like a good trade off. I like simplicity :)
[18:34] CIA-15 zeromq2: 03Martin Sustrik 07master * rae93ed3 10/ (12 files): signaler rewritten in such a way that any number (>64) of threads can be used -
[18:53] CIA-15 zeromq2: 03Martin Sustrik 07master * rbeb4da3 10/ (builds/msvc/libzmq/libzmq.vcproj src/signaler.cpp): windows port fixed -