Tuesday April 27, 2010

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[00:37] ADruz mikko__: thanks
[01:12] mike8901 How should I go about determining the proper value of io_threads?
[01:47] mike8901 Is there any way to have multiple clients connect to a single TCP port(but be represented by multiple unicast sockets) with zmq?
[04:31] rmancy Is this the best place to ask for help with my zeromq app?
[04:31] mike8901 I guess so.
[04:35] rmancy ok great :-) I'm trying to make a simple server/client with ZMQ_REP/ZMQ_REQ respectively. The server does the recv(), then send() seemingly fine, however my client after doing it's initial send() to server (which the server gets), it sits there waiting for recv(). Is REP and REQ appropriate here ?
[04:36] guido_g yes, what did you expect?
[04:37] rmancy guido_g, Well I'm expecting the client to actually recv the data that server sends back...however it doesn't seem to receive it. Just seems to sit there _waiting_ to receive something, but doesn't actually receive it
[04:37] rmancy Have I missed something ?
[04:37] guido_g w/o seeing the code, hard to tell
[04:38] guido_g is there a packet filter in the way?
[04:38] guido_g aka firewall
[04:38] rmancy guido_g, hmmmm.
[04:38] rmancy will check
[04:41] rmancy guido_g, nope
[04:42] rmancy I'm running zmq_forwarder with a basic 'in' and 'out' elements that obviously work on the initial send, just not on the response it seems
[04:42] guido_g did you compare your code against the cookbok example?
[04:42] guido_g ouch
[04:43] guido_g as far as I understood, req/rep is meant for direct connection between the requesting client and the services
[04:43] rmancy guido_g, oh ok. So no forwarder? I had used the forwarder from a SUB/PUB example, and just assumed I still needed it. Perhaps not though !
[04:44] guido_g not only perhaps
[04:44] guido_g see
[04:44] guido_g a forwarder spreads out the messages to all subscribed entities
[04:44] guido_g req/rep works differently
[04:51] rmancy guido_g, thanks. Didn't realise :-(
[04:51] rmancy I'm also not using 'localhost' and 'lo' as I get errors creating sockets on those. Using my public IP instead, but I don't think that should have a bearing
[04:52] rmancy or possible it does
[04:52] guido_g try, might be a naming issue
[04:57] guido_g i'm off, laters
[04:58] rmancy guido_g, thanks, with that help i should be able to nut it out :-)
[06:58] guido_g re
[12:20] rmancy Hi, anyone able to help with a simple zeromq prob I have ?
[12:55] sustrik rmancy: hi
[12:55] sustrik what's the problem?
[14:59] ka3ak hello
[15:00] ka3ak can someone help me out with a zmq issue
[15:00] sustrik ka3ak: hello
[15:00] ka3ak hi
[15:01] sustrik what's the problem?
[15:01] ka3ak i have a simple server set up with a ZMQ_REP socket ...
[15:01] ka3ak once in a while the recv will hang
[15:02] ka3ak the client send an enourmous amount of messages, so i'm not sure if the queue is getting backed up or what
[15:02] sustrik nope
[15:02] sustrik looks like a bug
[15:02] ka3ak i've tried increasing the high water mark and swap, but nothing works
[15:03] sustrik can you send the test program to the mailing list?
[15:03] sustrik or open an issue in a bug tracker?
[15:03] ka3ak sure
[15:03] sustrik thx
[15:03] ka3ak just to give you a bit more info on the hack to get around this ...
[15:04] ka3ak while (1) { message_t req; if (!sock_.recv(&req, ZMQ_NONBLOCK)) continue; } but this will spike up the cpu to 100 for a second or so for obvious reasons
[15:05] ka3ak but this fixes the problem albeit with a short pause and cpu spike on the server side of things
[15:05] sustrik ok, i see
[15:36] CIA-15 zeromq2: 03Martin Sustrik 07master * rad6fa9d 10/ (src/rep.cpp src/req.cpp src/xrep.cpp src/xrep.hpp): initial version of multi-hop REQ/REP -
[19:38] mike8901 If I send a message, and the message gets deallocated immediately after I send the message, will the message still go through OK?
[19:38] mike8901 i.e. will send copy the message?
[19:45] sustrik mike8901: it won't copy the message, it will take possession of it
[19:46] sustrik there's nothing left for you to deallocate
[19:53] mike8901 so I can allocate a message_t on the stack, copy the data into the message, and send it, without worrying about what happens to the data?
[20:00] sustrik yes
[20:04] mike8901 ok, cool :)
[21:40] bgranger sustrik: I am going to be working on the Python bindings some more and have a few questions about release schedules...
[22:20] CIA-15 pyzmq: 03Brian E. Granger 07master * r506679b 10/ (6 files in 4 dirs): Renaming P2P -> PAIR. -
[22:22] CIA-15 pyzmq: 03Brian E. Granger 07master * r5177246 10/ (5 files in 2 dirs): Finish renaming of P2P -> PAIR in filenames. -
[22:36] CIA-15 pyzmq: 03Brian E. Granger 07master * rbb7c339 10/ (zmq/_zmq.c zmq/_zmq.pyx zmq/tests/ Removed stopwatch stuff and fixed select. -
[22:39] CIA-15 pyzmq: 03Brian E. Granger 07master * r16b0c20 10/ : Adding zmq.tests to packages. -
[23:26] mikko sustrik: hi
[23:26] mikko
[23:26] mikko ending up to this with git HEAD
[23:31] mikko ah
[23:31] mikko my mistake