Saturday April 24, 2010

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[20:42] unomystEz hey all
[20:42] unomystEz anyone here developing ultra high-frequency pipelines with zeromq?
[22:20] sustrik hi
[22:21] sustrik sophacles: the research ideas - sure, i'll put some down tomorrow, however, we'll have to discuss it to make it suitable for students
[22:21] sustrik no summer of code, sorry
[22:21] sustrik i've missed the deadline this year :(
[22:22] sustrik jomofo: please, send the report to the mailing list
[22:22] sustrik or open an issue at github
[22:30] jomofo sustrik: I think I will just build on top of 2.0.6 and wait for your next beta/RC before bug testing it ... Problem is, I'm sort of learning the Linux C++ toolchain on the fly here, so I don't want to bother you with issues with my setup
[22:31] jomofo PS, welcome back. Where did you go?