Friday April 23, 2010

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[19:29] sophacles Does 0mq have a google summer of code thing?
[19:31] sophacles also, regarding research stuff previously discussed, I was given the greenlight to put some stuff to our students mailing list, but need a bit more in the way of guided ideas for research.
[19:31] sophacles also there may be some other interest but thats waiting on responses to followup emails :)
[19:32] sophacles (i finally cornered some people if you couldn't tell -- i now hate the all-hands meetings slightly less)
[21:07] jomofo are there any known race conditions in zeromq2 HEAD for TCP transport over REQ/REP sockets?
[21:08] jomofo I have a single-threaded server, multi-threaded client using jzmq ... Can both crash and deadlock JVM pretty consistently against HEAD, but not against 2.0.6 release