Thursday April 22, 2010

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[10:06] sjampoo Lets say I have multiple servers and i want to simulate the multicast bus, would it make sense to have them discover each other by using multicast and then have all the servers connect to each other?
[10:09] sjampoo Now, if i also want to have several 'message groups' (in a pub/sub setting) i can set the message filter with setsockopt. But i will have to do this for all the server it subscribes to, right?
[11:48] b0gg1e Hello!
[11:49] b0gg1e Is it possible to transplant a socket pointer between threads?
[11:49] b0gg1e How does one use zeromq in an actor-like runtime environment where lightweight threads get scheduled to arbitrary threads?
[12:06] b0gg1e I'm asking this because I wonder what would be the best way to write zmq bindings for the go language. Go has lightweight processes that get scheduled by the runtime to some thread pool. So one can not easily ensure that the thread that is using a socket is the one that created it. What I would like to say is: "Use this socket from now on in this thread, I promise to not use it from some other thread concurrently."
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