Tuesday April 6, 2010

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[05:34] CIA-5 zeromq2: 03Martin Sustrik 07master * r0777567 10/ doc/zmq_bind.txt : ENODEV from zmq_bind error described -
[13:23] CIA-5 zeromq2: 03Martin Lucina 07master * ra7973a2 10/ (doc/zmq_bind.txt doc/zmq_setsockopt.txt): Documentation fixes -
[13:27] jldupont hi - where is the wire-format for 0mq? I'd like to build an Erlang binding for it.
[13:27] sustrik jldupont: hi
[13:27] sustrik yes, there is
[13:27] sustrik have a look at zmq_tcp(7)
[13:28] sustrik however, wrapping the C library is much simpler than writing it anew in a different language
[13:28] mato it's also much faster :-)
[13:28] sustrik while the API looks simple the entrails are pretty complex
[13:29] jldupont sustrik: hi - I don't want to wrap the C library - there are two ways of interfacing with Erlang: through sockets or through a "driver" written in C.
[13:29] sustrik what's the problem with the latter?
[13:29] jldupont sustrik: through the "C" driver, it is a pain - the polling part is not nice to do...
[13:30] sustrik you mean zmq_poll, right?
[13:30] jldupont writing code to handle sockets is very easy in Erlang.
[13:30] jldupont no: I don't know zmq_poll but I know the pain of interfacing with Erlang through a C driver though.
[13:30] sustrik ok, i see
[13:31] jldupont If there isn't a readily available wire-format doc, then I might reconsider writing a binding library for it.
[13:31] mato jldupont: hi, I would strongly recommend wrapping libzmq using the C API
[13:32] sustrik mato: well, if he wants just a silly sync library he can write it in Erlang
[13:32] mato jldupont: the higher level protocols are still in flux and not documented, so while you can "trivially" implement the framing layer, it won't be very useful
[13:32] mato sustrik: yeah, but what would be the point of that? nothing to do with 0MQ really...
[13:32] jldupont mato: I see. Then maybe 0MQ is not for me at this point then - I'll stick with RabbitMQ.
[13:33] jldupont Thanks, ciao ciao.
[13:33] sustrik jldupond bye
[13:40] sustrik mato: there's a fix for darwin build system in today's email
[13:40] sustrik i haven't apply it
[13:40] sustrik left it to you to check it
[13:40] mato thanks
[13:40] mato haven't got that far in emails yet
[13:40] sustrik sure
[14:11] mato sustrik: where is the email about darwin? I'm missing it
[14:12] sustrik wait a sec
[14:13] sustrik [zeromq-dev] Publish/subscribe example "Operation not supported by device"
[14:13] sustrik 5:59 AM
[14:13] mato ah, people not using useful subjects, i hate that
[14:44] mato sustrik: i've fixed it in the jzmq git, i think
[14:44] mato will see what michael replies
[14:46] sustrik thx
[14:46] sustrik mato: you do the highlights?
[14:46] sustrik i was just getting to do it myself
[14:47] mato i'll do it
[14:47] sustrik ok
[14:47] mato i know how listpages works more or less
[14:47] sustrik good, thanks
[17:47] BusError hi guys. Can I use multicast/udp without openpgm ?
[17:48] sustrik hi BusError :)
[17:48] sustrik no, you can't
[17:48] BusError Hey :-)
[17:48] BusError ta !
[17:49] BusError I need the multicast bit, without necessarily the integrity bit
[17:49] sustrik you mean you need unreliable multicast, right?
[17:49] sustrik where messages can disapper randomly
[17:49] BusError yeah. It's for mostly sending sensor data, and with just a bit of control
[17:50] sustrik several people spoke about adding support for that kind of thing to 0MQ
[17:50] sustrik but so far nobody did it
[17:50] sustrik currently you have to do with reliable multicast
[17:50] BusError openpgm looks "heavy" is it just an impression ?
[17:51] sustrik it's dependent on glib which makes it somewhat fat
[17:52] BusError ah yeah. no kidding
[17:52] sustrik afaik there's glib-less version of openpgm being worked on
[17:52] sustrik that may take some time though
[17:53] BusError well I think I'll stick to my poor multicast for now then
[17:54] sustrik well, unless you have some time to plug unreliable multicast to 0mq, you are on your own :(
[17:56] BusError I'm already on WAY too many mailing lists :-)
[17:56] BusError but I'll keep a tab in zeromq, looks fab, good job
[17:56] sustrik thanks
[17:56] sustrik keep eye on it, presumably someone will add unreliable multicast support
[17:57] BusError thanks for your help too
[17:57] sustrik you are welcome
[17:57] BusError well if I get desperate with my system, I'll keep it in mind :-)