Saturday April 3, 2010

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[03:01] old_sound hi, I've just cloned the github repo, but I can't find instructions on how to build it, there's no INSTALL file as reported in the README
[03:03] old_sound OK, found it, had to run ./
[06:14] dermoth old_sound, I've heard the master is a bit unstable, so unless you're doing development you should use the latest release instead
[06:14] old_sound ok
[16:47] jomofo Any pointers for troubleshooting UnsatisfiedLinkError (no jzmq on java.library.path) on 64-bit Ubuntu 9.10 ? I installed both libzmq and libjzmq to /usr/local/lib, ran ldconfig, set java.library.path and go, but no luck
[17:17] jomofo I think I found my problem I was setting java.library.path correctly, but wasn't setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH. I guess libjzmq wasn't able to load libzmq because of that. Thanks for listening to me ramble
[17:42] jomofo Just out of curiosity, why is the Java namespace org.zmq instead of org.zeromq? If I visit I get a parking lot
[20:36] mikko good evening
[20:37] mikko jomofo_: do you have /usr/local/lib in ?
[20:37] mikko jomofo_: does ldconfig --print | grep zmq show the library?
[20:45] jomofo mikki, yes, both libzmq and libjzmq are there
[20:46] jomofo mikko: oops, %s/mikki/mikko/
[20:55] jomofo mikko: and /usr/local/lib is in /etc/ which is included by /etc/
[20:56] jomofo mikko: If I define $LD_LIBRARY_PATH as /usr/local/lib it works, but not without it
[21:52] mikko jomofo_: does the java program you start override LD_LIBRARY_PATH?
[22:02] jomofo mikko: I don't believe so. It's just a simple unit test to see if I can use the jzmq bindings, but I am running it via Maven2
[22:07] mikko have you tried mvn -X ?
[22:07] mikko it might give more insight (or not)